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the easiest way to buy and sell cars. If you are a new dealer visiting for the first time, we welcome you and thank you for your business. The process to get started on our website is very easy, simple contact us and our team will get you registered.

You can bid on and buy vehicles through our auction and coming soon, 24 hours a day on our marketplace. We offer various tools to help our dealers make informed decisions when purchasing a vehicle. For more information on our car buying resources click here

If you are the winning bidder or you buy a unit then you own the vehicle. This means you have secured your offer, pending availability and acceptance from seller. For a comprehensive outline of the process please see our Terms / Fees / Guidelines Policy. Once accepted you will be sent the paperwork for your purchase. For any other questions, check out our FAQ's page or Contact us. Our staff is eager to help!

If you want to sell a vehicle in our sale and have already registered, we will need the book sheet for the particular unit sent over to Heather or Rachael before the start of our Tuesday auction. They can be emailed book sheets at booksheets@thedealernet.com


If you are interested in becoming one of our dealer please contact us. We will create an account for you and send you your login and password. Remember, if you have any questions, Let us know!

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We have partnered with hundreds of dealers to ensure our users can find the perfect vehicle wherever they are. Our website is easy to use in order to make buying and selling cars as simple as possible.

Auction made easy

We handle everything. Need paper work done? No Problem. Car transported? Easy. Questions about vehicles? We have got you covered.  

Our team has been working in the car business for decades so we know the ins and outs of the car industry. We want to take the headache out of buying and selling cars and make the experience as easy as possible.

If you run a car through our sale and it didn't sell during the sale don't worry. Our experienced sales team will follow up on any possible leads to help you as best as we can to sell you units. Unlike other auctions, we follow up on all cars that have run through the sale and work our hardest to get as many units sold as possible.
Still have questions? Visit our FAQs page or send us an email using the Contact Us page.

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